Pocket working lamp

Model :VAT-7021

Small and exquisite, convenient to carry around, and can provide good lighting brightness in any occasion.
It is small in size and can be placed in a pocket, backpack, carriage or toolbox at any time.
Good flexibility, the base can be folded and turned, the position and angle can be adjusted according to the needs, and the convenience is full
It can be hung in a convenient position or magnetically attached to the metal surface for convenient storage and access.

Pocket work light, I believe it can be a good and practical tool for you.

Maintenance / Night tour / Camping
Flexible / Dexterous / One-handed
Low / High / Spot
Foldable / Rotatable / Convenient
Hook / Hang / Storage
Professional / handy / versatile
   feature of product
● Three-stage lighting: low light, high light, spotlight
● Four-segment LED power display
● USB fast charging
● Powerful magnetic base
● Dual-purpose hook
● Rotate and adjust the angle
● Convenient to carry
   Product specifications
● Net weight 108g
● Color temperature COB white light 6500K / XPE white light 7000K
● Charging time Input 5V / 0.5A about 2-3 hrs
● Discharge time COB full bright 3.5hrs / half bright 6hrs / concentrating 7hrs
● Waterproof grade IP54 (dust-proof and splash-proof)
● Length, width and height 15.5cm X 4cm X 3cm (including hook thickness)