12/24V Battery Analyzer

Model :VAT-570

1. Applicable to 12V/24V batteries
2. fit Lead-acid / AGM / EFB battery
3. Alternator test
4. Cranking test

Battery experts are here
Easily become a testing expert
The expert battery tester is a powerful and professional battery tester. Commonly used 12V and 24V batteries in the market are accurate and easy to use.

It can be used for battery detection of automobiles/diesel vehicles/truck/heavy machinery, etc., without waiting for discharge, no loss of battery life, only 3 seconds to complete the detection, fast, convenient and easy to use.

Support lead-acid/AGM/EFB batteries
In addition to traditional lead-acid batteries, it also adds the detection of currently popular start-stop batteries, which can accurately detect both AGM and EFB. In addition, it can also switch to international testing standards, such as EN, JIC, DIN... Even imported batteries are not a problem. The wide range of applications should not be underestimated.
Practical perfect score for multiple purposes
Generator: It can judge the operation of the generator according to the charging voltage.
Stable power recharging is the key to battery longevity, and generators are a detection link that cannot be ignored. Charging too high or too low will greatly reduce the battery life.

Starter: measure the starting voltage to determine whether the starter works normally.
Can't start!!! In addition to the dead battery, the starter may also be the main cause. The engine can't be pushed, so naturally it can't cycle ignition. Don't want to worry about the roadside!!! The starter should be checked again.
Magnetic absorption, can hang or hook
The magnetic hook is easy to access and store without hindering the position. The metal surface can be easily absorbed for easy access, or it can be hooked in a handy place to avoid being crushed by heavy objects or falling from the platform when placed on the ground, reducing the tool damage rate.

model VAT-630
Applicable voltage 12V / 24V
Testable battery Lead acid / AGM / EFB 
Applicable generator 12V / 24V
Applicable starter 12V / 24V
Measurable range 100~2200CCA 
Applicable norms CCA、JIS、EN 、DIN、IEC 、Unknown (Judging by CCA)
Display content Input standard, status evaluation, voltage, resistance, capacitance, life evaluation
Abnormal judgment Plate damage, low voltage warning, abnormal connection warning
Screen size 64 x 128 LCD
Screen font size  4 lines 64 digits
Body size