Boil Brake Fluid Analyzer

Model :VAT-601

Measure the true boiling point of the brake oil , then change the oil makes sense.
Suitable for all brake fluids
Dot3、Dot4、Dot5、Dot5.1、Super Dot4
Complete accessories and easy to use
Simple interface design, complete and clear information

Details that cannot be ignored
Direct heating, true boiling point
Different from the common brake oil detection rods on the market, the most direct heating and boiling method is used to judge whether the brake oil is good or bad. The measured temperature is the true boiling point, which can not be more accurate as a basis for brake oil replacement.

Abandon the brake oil test rod with erratic errors and switch to a directly heated brake oil tester to ensure the safety of customers.
Can test all brake fluids on the market
It covers all the specifications currently on the market. In addition to the commonly used Dot3 and Dot4 for general cars, Dot5, Dot5.1 and Super Dot4 which are commonly used for racing and endurance are also added. The scope of use is wide, and there are different judgment standards according to different specifications. No brain measurement, one machine takes all oil products.

Accurate measurement and fast heating
The powerful heating element can complete heating and measurement within 30 seconds, not only quickly, but also accurately measuring the boiling temperature of the brake fluid, automatically judging whether the brake fluid is degraded, the replacement or warning is given.
The test results are clear at a glance
Provides measurement results and judgment standards. The instrument automatically judges whether the brake oil is good or bad according to the boiling temperature or gives a warning, and shows the actual measured temperature and the standard temperature of the specification for comparison to the user, which is perfect as a basis for communicating with customers.
Complete accessories, easy to use
In addition to the test host, the attached accessories are also quite complete, including the oil beaker, the oil suction syringe and the hose, and an instruction manual. The hard-shell storage suitcase is convenient to store and protect the instrument, and it is easy to use and carry.

Tester specification sheet
model VAT-601
Applicable voltage 12V 
Applicable oil Dot3、Dot4、Dot5、Dot5.1、Super Dot4
temperature display °C、°F
Judgment criteria Dry boiling point and wet boiling point are in parallel
Screen size 64 x 128 LCD
Screen font size 4 lines 64 digits
Body size