"Our existence is valuable if we help the maintenance industry to serve customers well." The general manager who emphasizes this idea from time to time has established this business policy when Ecpal was founded. To outsiders, it seems to be a beautiful and high-sounding word, and Will has spent more than ten years proving that such an idea has been internalized into the spirit of a craftsman.

"Let the maintenance factory make money first, we make money later" the general manager said.

This sentence not only reveals the spirit of Ecpal's creation, but also explains the direction of Ecpal's business. For more than ten years, Ecpal has been adhering to this kind of thinking, constantly trying to make tools that make maintenance factories easy to use and can solve problems. Our products are constantly being baptized and improved by the market, and finally they are deeply loved by repairers. With trust and affirmation, Ecpal can go to this day. In this regard, in addition to being grateful, Weirke is also grateful to the users for their support and love. You have given Weirke the opportunity to serve you, and Weirke will also go all out to meet your needs. In the future, Ecpal will continue to adhere to the original aspiration of being a founding establishment and bring better services to maintenance workers.