Multifunctional digital car meter

Model :VAT-507

The multifunctional digital meter designed for car maintenance meets the needs of most car maintenance functions. It is simple and practical, easy to hold, can be connected to the computer, store data or monitor graphics. It is definitely a good partner for car maintenance

Not just a meter
A good helper to solve the problem
The multi-function digital car electric meter is designed according to the common needs of car manufacturers. It not only measures voltage, current and resistance, but also measures frequency, percentage, closing angle, speed, and capture fault codes. It can also connect to a computer to record measurement content. The meter is easy to use You can't put it down.
Various functions to meet the needs
The easy-to-use multifunctional electric meter can meet the data measurement problems encountered in car maintenance, quickly and accurately provide you with judged data, and help you more accurately eliminate and catch problems in maintenance, saving time and Improve maintenance professionalism and make customers trust your service more.
Professional use, practical specifications
The meter range is suitable for auto repair and maintenance, and can be switched to a smaller range according to needs to improve accuracy. When switching a larger range, the meter is also equipped with overload protection to avoid sudden overload damage to the meter.
Complete accessories, professional bonus
Complete accessories make you more comfortable using professional electric meters. In addition to common probes and manuals, temperature cables and small alligator clips are also attached. In addition, there are also transmission lines and drive discs connected to the computer, which are convenient for users who need to observe and record data for a long time, so that you can quickly find out the problem in the data judgment or the next inspection and comparison of the data. Greatly enhance your professionalism.
Shortcut function, plug and play
No wiring, no disconnection. This meter can be equipped with a current check meter (optional accessory) to quickly measure the line current. The independent gear is plug and play, saving you more time.