Ignition Expert

Model :VAT-5006

Test the ignition coil quickly
For common car models
Plug and play

Save time and effort
Ear testing is easy
The ignition simulator allows you to quickly and safely detect whether the test ear is good or bad. Most cars on the GM market include test ears from common models, and a variety of quick connectors are included. As long as you check the corresponding connectors according to the manual, you can plug and play, and judge whether the test ears are good or bad by observing the test ears.
Suitable for most car manufacturers
It comes with a variety of quick connectors, covering common test ears of commercially available cars, plug and play, eliminating the trouble of checking wiring and extra wiring, simple and convenient, one machine takes most cars, practical and full.
Complete accessories and perfect testing
The ignition simulator group contains complete accessories to assist you in the complete test of the ears. The flashover gauge can directly observe the flashover state of the test ear to determine whether the test ear is aging!?
The leakage test rod can detect whether the test ear is damaged or not, and the power cord has overload protection to protect the host from burning.
Careful operation, long-term use
Although the ignition simulator is simple and fast to use, it is still a precision high-voltage instrument. If you use it carelessly, the high pressure generated by the tester will hit the human body. The instrument will burn in the lighter, and the person will be injured in the severer. Therefore, the user should also follow the instructions for use.